Zagat Names Costco Best Restaurant in America

ISSAQUAH, WA (Chafed News)– Zagat, the world’s leading restaurant and fine dining rating agency has released its annual rankings of America’s Top Restaurants for 2013, and for first time, the top honor for the best restaurant in America has been awarded to Costco Food Court.  “We couldn’t be more proud,” said Juan Melendez, Costco’s Executive Chef de Cuisine to reporters outside Costco’s company headquarters in Issaquah, WA.  “We’ve had our eyes on this prestigious title for quite some time now and through our hard work and commitment to excellence Costco members have grown to expect from our food courts, we have finally made this dream a reality.”  When asked what he thinks contributed being named best restaurant in America, Melendez said, “In addition to making some pretty good pizza and some damn good hotdogs; this year we (Costco) introduced a few new delicacies to our menu, such as the Carne Asada Bake and the Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich which I believe helped solidify this prestigious title.”

Kelly Larkin, a long time Costco member and frequent Costco Food Court eater says there’s more to it than just good food.  “What makes Costco Food Court so great is that it’s so fucking cheap.  Hell, where else in the world can you feed a family of five for less than ten dollars?  Plus, they are really good about moving the lines along.  I mean, sometimes the line is like a block long.  At Disneyland the same line would take 2 hour; but at Costco that block long line takes just a couple minutes and I really appreciate that kind of speedy service.  That’s why me and my family eat here, five or six times a week.”

Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay says he predicted Costco would win this prestigious title years ago.  “I thought Costco deserved this title years ago,” Flay admitted.  “Costco (Food Court) has had quality items on their menu since the beginning.  But when they introduced the jumbo Polish hotdog to their menu back in 2004, I was floored and thought, now this is a game-changer.  They were already serving a super delicious 100% beef jumbo dog and then they go and serve a jumbo Polish dog as well?  That move really took some balls, and they should be commended for it.”

Foodies can find Costco Food Courts open 10AM-8:30PM Monday through Friday, 9:30AM-6PM Saturdays, and 10AM- 6PM Sundays- Times may vary by location.


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