Syrian Army and Rebel Forces Engage in Temporary Ceasefire to Watch Tony Awards

Syrian Crowd Watching Tonys

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (Chafed News)– In a rare moment of peace in Syria, both rebel and Syrian government forces agreed to temporarily halt fighting to watch the 2013 Tony Awards.  “This agreement to stop fighting during the Tony Awards went off without a hitch,” said Nazir Farashi, acting cultural minister for the Syrian Rebel Alliance.  When asked why he believes the peace treaty during the Tony Awards was successful, the Syrian Rebel cultural minister said, “Well I believe that Syrians love the glitz, the glam, the pageantry, and of course the singing and dancing of the Tony Awards.  But, most of all, we love Neil Patrick Harris.”

“It’s true,” confirmed Hakim Al Halwi, General of the Syrian Government Army.  “All of Syria loves Neil Patrick Harris, and, by association, we all love the Tonys.”  General Al Halwi went on to say, “The brutality of this war has been- how should I put it… It’s like being F’d in the A, like all day, every day- If you catch my drift.  What I am trying to say is that, we really just wanted a few hours of peace.  To relax.  To take a deep breath.  And of course, to enjoy the singing and dancing of Neil Patrick Harris, who, if I may say so, did a damn fine job hosting the Tony Awards this year.  And for that, I am extremely grateful.”

Fighting between the Syrian Rebel Alliance and the Syrian Government Army continued the moment the Tony Awards concluded.


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