Paula Deen: “I Never Called Anyone an ‘N-Word’ Who Didn’t Deserve It”

Paula Deen Loves the NWord

SAVANNAH, GA (Chafed News) – Embroiled celebrity chef Paula Deen denies she ever told racial jokes, but she did acknowledge using the “N-word,” according to her deposition in a lawsuit.  Deen was deposed as a result of a lawsuit brought about by a former employee who is suing Deen and her brother for sexual and racial harassment.

During the deposition, the attorney for the plaintiff asked Deen if she had ever used the “N- word,” to which Deen replied, “Yes, of course.”  When asked the context in which she used the “N-word,” Deen replied, “Well, it was probably when I was speaking about black people.”  When asked if she could recall a specific example of a time she used the “N-word,” Deen said, “There was this one time a black man burst into the bank that I was working at and put a gun to my head.  I definitely remember calling him (the bank robber) a dirty ‘N-word.’”  When asked if she had used the “N-word” since the robbery Deen replied, “I’m sure I have.  But, in my defense, I never called anyone an ‘N-word,’ who didn’t deserve it.”

When asked if she still currently uses the “N-word,” Deen said in part: “Listen, things have changed since the ’60s in the South.  Back then (in the ‘60s), white folk used to say it all the time.  It was, ‘N- word’ this and ‘N-word’ that, all day long, and no one seemed to care.  Now, everyone’s all politically correct and gets all offended by the ‘N-word.’  It’s these damn Liberals and Obama and… (sigh)  I just wish this country would return to the good ole days when white people could call a ‘N-word,’ (the) ‘N-word’ whenever they damn well please.  So, to answer your question-No, I don’t say (the) ‘N-word,’ or at the very least I try not to.  But, I still think it, and you can’t sue me for thinking it… Can you?

Paula Deen can be seen cooking up some delicious looking Southern cuisine on various cable networks.  Check your local listings for times and channels.


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