We Know You Don’t Know What a Semaphore Flag Is, Just Vote For Phin Anyway!

Phineas L. Donnison

This week, the man, the myth, the legend that is Phin L. Donnison, curator and author of whitehippousa.wordpress.com and chafednews.wordpress.com, has entered a writing competition in which his whole life is at stake- The Iron Writer Challenge!   For the challenge, Phin had to come up with a 500 word story involving Hand Sanitizer, a Child’s Sled, a Succubus, and Semaphore Flags.  What are Semaphore Flags you ask?  Who the fuck knows?  Is his story entitled “Visiting Mom” the best?  It doesn’t fucking matter!  What does matter is that amongst the three professional authors he’s competing against, our man Phineas L. Donnison is bar none the coolest, and that does fucking matter!  So, here’s how you can help:  Vote for him!  Over and over, vote for him.  Voting is open for the next few days so get on it NOW you lazy fuckers!  Thank you, and God Bless.


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