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Serena Williams Apologizes for Comments Made about Steubenville Rape Victim: “I’m Not All That Bright”

STEUBENVILLE, OH (Chafed News) –  Famed tennis player Serena Williams came under fire after she was quoted in an upcoming Rolling Stone article criticizing a sixteen-year-old rape victim from Steubenville, Ohio, suggesting the victim wasn’t a virgin and implied the victim shouldn’t have gotten drunk. Williams issued a statement on her blog, saying in part: […]

Baseball Player Falls Asleep During Game, Boredom to Blame

MIAMI, FL (Chafed News)–  Hugo Sandoval, center fielder for the Miami Marlins, fell asleep in the middle last night’s game at Marlin Park while the game was in play.  Sandoval apparently fell asleep during a pitching change in the sixth inning and was awoken by teammate, right fielder Emanuel Clay, who shook Sandoval awake after […]